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I want to be Tony DiTerlizzi when I grow up. Nope, fuck that, I’m impatient. I want to be him now.

DiTerlizzi is my favorite artist of all time. You probably recognize his work from the Spiderwick Chronicles? The companion book, the Spiderwick Field Guide, is basically just a giant book of eyegasms, if you’re into fantasy art. His style is what I most wish mine would evolve to resemble, if that makes any sense. Obviously you don’t want your work to be exactly like someone else’s, because that’s boring… but man is his artwork beautiful. It makes me cry ;__;

So here’s some of his stuff, because he’s wonderful and it’s wonderful and everyone’s life should have this in it.

I’ll go back to posting my own art when I stop looking at stuff that makes my stuff look pathetic ^^;;


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