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My friends decided to take a lovely pic for the Westboro Baptist Church. They’re not gay but they support gay rights

This is the most gangsta shit I have ever seen on tumblr

Not even a little bit sorry for posting color to my uncolored blog. This is amazing.

Literally the third time reblogging this, no regrets

Oh my god ahhahahaha

Reblogging again, I don’t care

An article about Goliath spiders made it onto Snopes

Which surprised me: I forget that people don’t know they exist?? lol

Although… the article uses the wildly misleading descriptor of ‘puppy-sized spider’ in the headline, so I guess I can imagine why non spider people would be dubious >___>;; The figure they use to justify this in the article is 6 oz, which after some googling I’ve discovered is a pretty normal weight class for 2 week old chihuahua puppies. So, yeah… technically accurate, but not really what I think most people picture when they imagine how big a ‘puppy-sized spider’ must be. I mean, I suppose if you include the legspan for overall impression of size, you get a little closer to puppy range, but it still seems like unnecessary misdirection for the sake of sensationalism -____-


My last two io moths emerged last week. The top was the only male of the batch I had emerge. He was really pretty and friendly, decided to try to fly before I got out the door to release him and just flew onto my shirt. The bottom was the last one, she came out over the weekend sometime and managed to wriggle out of the container I was keeping the caterpillars/pupae in. I didn’t find her until last night when she started flying around my room in the dark. I’m happy that they’re all done since I was starting to wonder if the pupa weren’t alive. I started with 3rd instar caterpillars and got them to the moth stage.



you know how much pressure there is on girls to be good at every video game they play, because if they fuck up once there’s going to be a heck of a lot of people saying how girls suck and how they shouldn’t play video games 


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Anonymous asked:

what's so bad about Ohio State...



please understand that there are a lot of wolverines in my family

If you are born in Michigan, anything and everything to do with Ohio (with the singular exception of Cedar Point) causes a reflexive and visceral reaction of spitting and seething hatred.

It’s really weird being from Michigan and living in Ohio

A researcher tells the following story about her own experience of discovering the seriousness with which young children take gender stereotypes. While interviewing 3 to 6 year olds about their career aspirations, she asked each of them what they would want to be when they grew up if they were members of the opposite sex. Their responses showed that not only did most of the children choose careers that fit the stereotypes of the other gender but also that their perceptions of the limitations imposed by gender were sometimes quite extreme. One little girl confided with a sigh that her true ambition was to fly like a bird, but she could never do it because she was not a boy! One little boy put his hands on his head, sighed deeply, and said helplessly that if he were a girl he would have to grow up and be nothing (Beuf, 1974 as cited by Lips, 2008, p. 401).

holy fucking shit i just

that last line

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